Leaving early

As a self-employed person, I am never really “done” with work. But of course I know the great feeling when you’ve finally finished a big project. However, the satisfaction never seems to last that long, because I almost immediately start thinking about all the other things I should be doing. I’ve recently came up with the term “to-do-list triage” to describe my daily work, although I don’t know if that’s my original idea or if somebody else has thought of it before. I know that’s not a unique problem, of course.

Right now I’m actually in an animation phase. As you’ve probably seen, we’ve just released a new short clip on Youtube. A couple of days ago we’re published another short clip for our Patrons. And, as I’m typing this, or to be more precise, before and after I am typing this, I’m already working on the next one. The trick is to keep all other tasks at bay, because animating is a kind of work where you have to immerse yourself and can’t just start and stop all the time. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep up the flow for at least a few more days!


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One comment on “Leaving early
  1. M.L. says:

    The German expression says it all: “selbständig Arbeiten” = “selbst und ständig arbeiten”.
    A wordplay on the German term for independent “working oneself and constantly.

    Though I personally prefer: “Freiberuflich” = “mal frei, mal beruflich”.
    Another wordplay on the German term for freelance, “sometimes free, sometimes working”.

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