Scenes from a Marriage

I am not sure what Chuck thinks marriage is like, but he paints a pretty gloom picture. Although the ones among us, who have known Chuck for a while, might all agree on the fact that him is not being married is probably not because he’s afraid of commitment or house work down the road.
I love Julio’s line “I don’t. But indulge me.” Obviously, he thinks like the rest of us on the subject.

People say “marriage is a lot of work” but I guess that depends on who you decide to bond with.
My wife never makes me clean anything or argues with me. Instead, she picks up a rag, or sponge, or broom, and gets right on it. And she does it with a smile whistling and giggling the whole time. And when she is all finished, the kitchen is usually all sparkly, smells fresh, and she has that super satisfied proud look on her face, rather than a stare.
Oh wait! That was a dish soap commercial I saw the other day! So, scratch that 😉


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