Tool nomenclature

I’m not an expert in the field of measuring tools, but I had to cringe the whole time I was drawing this comic, haha! Compared to what Sally did, using a flathead screwdriver for a Phillips screw is only a minor misdemeanor. Although I have to admit, when I’m in a pickle and don’t have the correct tool at hand, I have been known to improvise. There’s truth to this famous saying: Every tool is a multitool. You can use it for its intended purpose or as a hammer. I guess the difference between being MacGyver or a dunce is the awareness that you know how and why you’re abusing a certain tool.

I’d never use calipers like that, unless my life is threatened, though!


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4 comments on “Tool nomenclature
  1. JPKalishek says:

    For more cringe, use them as a Pin Spanner I’ll admit to using my cheap ones as a Scribe on Aluminum

  2. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    Everybody who has ever worked on mechanics – or electrics, or electronics, or hydraulics, or whatever – has misused tools, sooner or later. Like with many misdoings, the essential point is to have it unobserved, or to get away with it somehow. Sally could learn a few lessons, there.

    But as a staunch positivist, I prefer to offer kudos for the correct spelling of “Phillips” – above average score, well done!

    @JPK: for scratching alu, I use – for this once – the proper tool, “een kraspen” in my native Dutch. Isn’t it a “scriber” in English? Not expensive, but not every hardware shop carries them, these days.

  3. JPKalishek says:

    @Karel: Yes, I have some scribes/scribers lurking here and there (mostly with my leather tools) but this use was [turn to Motorcycle and measures center to center on something, scribe parallel lines on short bit of angle] and then a “10mm up should do” and [set calipers to 10, use as depth gauge]
    sad part is, after some fabbing and fettling, it isn’t going to work as well as I’d like, so now I am going a different route, and the new fittings arrived today.

  4. Jon says:

    and working with airplanes puts you in the dilemma of whether to use the right tool which is not from the approved collection, or use the tool from the aproved collection, which is not exactly the righ one for the task, but can do it anyway.

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