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Hangar cleaning time

Mankind can be separated into two broad groups: Those who clean a little bit all the time and those who let the mess pile up and then clean in one fell swoop. I fall into the second category, my wife

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Generous Chuck

I’m sure this one strikes close to home not only with mechanics, but with everybody who has a well-sorted toolbox and any kind of spouse, friend or roommate living under the same roof. More than once have I searched for

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Rusty wrench 3

The joy you can find in another’s misfortune can be short-lived. I think Julio should have seen that one coming way earlier…

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Rusty wrench 2

I don’t know why Julio is that shocked. After all, scrap metal isn’t all that worthless nowadays! Talking about scrap, my refrigerator broke down yesterday, and I spent about two hours just trying making it stop beeping. I ended up

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