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Paying for quality

One of the keys to being able to survive as a cartoonist is a frugal lifestyle. So, I can understand Chuck’s impulse to save a buck here and there. They all add up, in the end. But in my opinion,

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Smooth engine

Whoa! It’s Tuesday! I totally lost my track of time the last few days and just discovered that I should upload a comic strip for you guys today! The last week was a bit chaotic. First I was sick, with

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Ground support

Considering his skill set, Chuck really has come a long way, especially for a chicken. But I’d venture to say it wasn’t all completely without help. Any aircraft, small or large, needs a fair amount of support to keep flying.

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New headset

This is one of those strips where I would tell a story and Stefan would have an idea the next day which doesn’t even resemble the original story at all anymore. It probably was because it wasn’t all that funny

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