Paying for quality

One of the keys to being able to survive as a cartoonist is a frugal lifestyle. So, I can understand Chuck’s impulse to save a buck here and there. They all add up, in the end. But in my opinion, being frugal is mostly being smart about the big investments, such as your house, your car, etc. Or, as in Chuck’s case, aviator watches. For his latest watch, Chuck could have gotten himself about 500 pizzas! I know how I would choose. But then, I’m no watch collector.

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3 comments on “Paying for quality
  1. John says:

    Or a lot of corsair parts…or RV parts

  2. Bruce Bergman says:

    The trick is to know when you see the $450 Seiko Chronograph on special for $49 (and it’s a legit Seiko from a legit dealer) you grab it. Heck, you grab a second one for Mom.

  3. Speedsix says:

    I call it “Savoir Vivre” – Knowing to live. This means living without some things other people think essential, but enjoying some which are normally deemed completely unnecessary: I got a beat-up 18 year old car of unknown mileage that magically still soldiers on, but I own some high class recumbent bikes and I feel this to be perfectly right for me.

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