Expired fire extinguisher

Well, it seems like Hans found yet another way of trying to save money. I am pretty sure Julio will keep him in line though. I have fought many battles over the years where the owners tried to save money and the mechanics tried to do what is right. I like working for those companies where the mechanics win that particular battle. Stepping over a dollar bill to pick up a dime never pays in the flying business.

I have seen many shady operators in my day I would never work for no matter how much they paid me. It always shocked me how long some of them were able to stay in business especially in a field that is scrutinized as much as aviation is. Have you ever worked for a shady operator?

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3 comments on “Expired fire extinguisher
  1. Fbs says:

    Isn’t this standard maintenance procedure in part 145 certified workshops ? They just change the tags, and deliver a certificate the work is done, and charge ten time the price on the bill

    Seriously, you didn’t know how they make money ? Now you know.

  2. JP Kalishek says:

    Yes, I have worked for a FBN* place. Was glad when I left.

    * Fly By Night … Not the one owned by the Comedian Gallagher or operated by the American CIA.

  3. Yanno, I USED to work for an FBO like that. USED to, is the operative term… 😀

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