Connecting Headsets

I have a certain amount of patience for tangled-up cords, strings or lines etc. I start the entanglement process with the optimism of a young puppy and the patience of a Tibetan monk … and then get slowly more aggravated until all the patience has been used up. And nine times out of ten, I manage to solve the issue before my patience runs out.

Just recently, my kids and I tried to fly self-made kites. It was quite a learning experience, but in the end, we actually got one of them to stay airborne for 20 seconds or so. One of the kites, not one of the kids. But then the kite string got entangled with the kite tail, both of which were already haphazardly patched up from different pieces of string. The resulting knot would have been a challenge even for Alexander the Great. Anyway, in that case, my patience DID run out.

I know I’m going off on a tangent here (as usual), but building kites is quite a lot of fun! We’ve only had two attempts so far, the second one successful, but I feel we’re slowly stepping up our game. I now know that the tail actually has a function and is essential and where to approximately put the balance point of the bridle. I also learned that a rough but thin string may not be the best choice, as it can cut into your hands when the wind starts to pick up. Well, baby steps!

I do have renewed sympathy for Charlie Brown, though.


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4 comments on “Connecting Headsets
  1. Ted Dasher says:

    If headset cords frustrate you then don’t take up parachute rigging. Nothing quite like trying to untangle a main that somebody cut away from a malfunction. They tend to be a real mess.

  2. whitepines says:

    This one had me laughing out loud…great job! Love the cord around Chuck’s nose.

    But, every other landing? Has Chuck *ever* had a smooth landing?

  3. Bernerlb says:

    Sled kites are fairly easy to make as long as you measure correctly and have a stabilizing vent instead of having to mess with a tail.

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