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I don’t know why Julio is that shocked. After all, scrap metal isn’t all that worthless nowadays! Talking about scrap, my refrigerator broke down yesterday, and I spent about two hours just trying making it stop beeping. I ended up …

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While Mike is returning from the Helicopter Expo in Dallas, Chuck is busy working on his F4U Corsair. If he keeps up this speed, his baby will be flying as early as 2085!

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Another product idea for our a novelty item for our shop! Now we just have to work out if we should make them out of rubber or out of lead. Depends on your work environment, I suppose!

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We got a lot of feedback from professional or hobby mechanics about this strip. Though it’s not surprising, it’s definitely comforting to know that obviously everybody who ever wielded tools for a significant amount of time, has been in Chucks …

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