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Oven mitts

As a professional cartoonist and hobby guitarist, I think I may be a bit of a softie when it comes to my hands. At least that’s my go to excuse when I fail at twisting, turning or grabbing something. I’m

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Electronic flight bag

Who all in the coop uses an electronic flight bag? I have flown Part 91 for the last 5 years so it hasn’t really come up much for me along official FAA routes, although we pretty much use the equivalent

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Nobody notices aircraft mechanics

The world is full of thankless tasks. But if you work a thankless job, at least you get paid! Not enough, I’m sure, but let’s be honest, who really feels like they get paid enough for the job they do?

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No flying today

We’ve actually been getting a little bit of snow here in the last couple of days. Not enough to last until Christmas, of course, but I would guess that the chances for a white Christmas are better than ever this

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