Nobody notices aircraft mechanics

The world is full of thankless tasks. But if you work a thankless job, at least you get paid! Not enough, I’m sure, but let’s be honest, who really feels like they get paid enough for the job they do? I’m sure some people do, but those are probably smart enough not to talk about it.

As I heard somewhere, the trick to deal with disappointment is to just lower your expectations. I’m pretty sure that is Julio’s strategy in regards to Chuck and Hans, haha!

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4 comments on “Nobody notices aircraft mechanics
  1. Tampa says:

    Very similar with IT, the sales peeps get all the extra boni.

  2. L says:

    And how did Chuck (in his infinite wisdom) get the throttle cable assembly out?
    Was he “testing Julio’s tools” again? 🙂
    But seriously, you want us to believe that Chuck is capable of minor repair tasks? LOL
    He isn’t even greasy! Last time I pulled the illegal incorrect throttle cable out of my 177, I had greasy busted knuckles and wasn’t very happy.
    And y’all better explain how Chuck survived flying without throttle. 😉 Let’s make a safe assumption that the cable broke on the ground at startup, before he went even flying. 😉

  3. SnowCamou says:

    I think it is similar with many other “support” jobs. Somebody told me there has been a poem on the met office door in a British airport:
    Many critics, no defenders!
    Weathermen have two regrets:
    When they hit, no one remembers.
    When they fail, no one forgets.

  4. Luke says:

    Story of every engineer I guess. Even in other settings. For example, nobody spares a thought for the engineers who work continuously behind the scenes to give us the things we rely on, like electrical power, running water, traffic lights, GPS, ATC/comms and so on. That is, until one of these things fails!

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