New equipment

Who doesn’t love new equipment? Whether it’s tools or gadgets, nothing seems to satisfy the hunter and gatherer instinct better than stumbling across a nice tool discounted at a hardware store or getting the latest new technological gadget that has more computing power than all the world’s computers of a generation ago combined. I have to admit that I hoard a few tools in my basement, that I have never used. But oh, what glorious feeling, if one day, during a project, you actually DO need one of those tools! I’m not so much of a tech gadget geek, but that’s simply out of budget constraints.

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3 comments on “New equipment
  1. Tampa says:


  2. Rob de Vries says:

    Wasn’t there one about Hans having bought one, which had both Julio and Chuck wanting to check it out?

  3. Johsua says:

    Well, let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks being a professional pilot means flying a plane for money. It isn’t true at all. We aren’t paid to fly, we do that for free. We are paid to do the paperwork, sweeping, and whatever else is needed.

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