Testing aviation tools

Oh boy! All the places I used to work you’d probably get lynched by the maintenance staff if you took ANY of their tools, let alone a whole bunch, without asking them first. The one thing that is worse than being in the middle of a project and not having the right tool you need for the job is being in the middle of a project and not having the tool you need EVEN THOUGH you KNOW you own the tool but it’s gone because somebody just took it without asking!!

And bringing a tool you used back completely dirty, or worse, covered in pro-seal? You might as well just pack your bags and find a new job because you’re not going back to that hangar again…

I do have to give it to Chuck though for his quick thinking on a response for this one. My wife is very good at turning things around like that as well. 😉

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4 comments on “Testing aviation tools
  1. JPKalishek says:

    I feel Julio. At work, I was moved from Texas to Northern Wisconsin (I live back “home” in the U.P. of Michigan) and the other shifts think nothing of disassembling the items I need to work with, take tools that are not theirs, or even the company’s etc.
    Had to take the batteries out of my electrically locked storage because someone has the combination and took my last ball valve that I searched for the day before so I could, you know, actually do my job, so I had to hunt it up again just so I could work again today.
    Soon I am going to get a small locking case, and take a few vital items home with me to ensure I don’t have to spend and hour hunting for my stuff and another fixing the stuff so I can go about my day (but only after first moving all the stuff they put into my work area for 30-40 minutes). They might think I’m a pain, but I really am about to go ballistic on the place. I’m the onl,y one covering a job that was two people at the previous location, and the methods demanded take me even longer to do my job (cleaning lines takes 3-4 hours. used to take an hour at most)

  2. Fbs says:

    My wife is the same, very good at turning things around, and immediately saying “I didn’t touch it” when I’m desperately looking for the lost item.

    She never comes to the club, and even less inside the maintenance hangar. And that’s very well like that !

  3. KenH says:

    The solution is in your left hand…
    Use THAT wrench, fracture Chuckles skull in four places, and he’ll NEVER touch your tools again. Or a stick, for that matter. So it would be Win-Win

  4. jan olieslagers says:



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