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Arms race

Arms race

Arms race

One-upmanship never happens in aviation, right?! How many hours you had and which models you have flown already seemed very important in the beginning of one’s flying career. At least that has been my experience. And I remember counting every

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Price difference

I’m a rather frugal person. But being frugal doesn’t mean to always go for the cheapest option. Quite to the contrary, usually it makes sense to spend the extra buck on a quality product that will last a lifetime. That

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Not a big deal

Having a reference in a strip about Chuck never taking off his sunglasses is always fun for us. But this strip is mainly about the “Cessna Diamond” as we call it in aviation. Everybody I know who has ever worked

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The sideeffect of sunglasses

The most common side effect of my sunglasses is that I scratch them or lose them, most of the time both. So I never spend more than ten bucks on them. Maybe the reason I never pay attention and always

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