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Buying a brand new car

I only bought one brand new car so far in my life. My wife and I went to a car dealer and decided on the car literally within ten minutes at the first dealer we went to. To our defense,

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Fastest car

Unlike many other men, I am not a car enthusiast. Which is fortunate, because with the income of a cartoonist, that would make me a very unsatisfied man. But maybe that’s part of a psychological trick that my mind plays

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Don’t you have your own hangar?

Now, how is Chuck ever going to finish his Corsair if he spends all his money on sunglasses, watches, and now racing stripes for his car? I am amazed he is still at it and actually making progress. Ten years

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Driving to Miramar II

Of course the Blue Angels are one of the main reasons for Chuck to go to Miramar in the first place. I’ve never seen them at a show, but I did see them in real life once. It was 2008

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