Grabbing burgers

So many problems in life could be avoided, if people would try to actually listen to what others are saying and let them finish their points. Alas, wishing for a world where that is the case is even more naive than wishing for world peace. But then on the other hand, there are so many people out there who talk nonsense or can’t shut up, that ignoring them is vital in order to keep one’s sanity. Which makes those people be even more obnoxious, because they sense that they can’t get through. It’s a vicious cycle. The trick is to develop enough judgment of character to be able to tell the sane from the crazy ones. In public discourse, I get the feeling that we see this vicious circle in full action, especially on social media. Volume seems to be the most important argument and it gets harder and harder to tune out the noise, so people like me just check out and let the fringes scream at each other.

I wonder if that will change at any time in the future. I mean you’d think that at some point the annoyed, silent majority should be big enough that it reaches a tipping point towards sanity, wouldn’t you?

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2 comments on “Grabbing burgers
  1. Dysko says:

    It reminds me of a commercial that became very famous in Italy in the Nineties. It was a commercial for the Malaguti F12 Phantom scooter, where a fighter pilot got a “Follow me” sticker attached on his jacket as a prank. As he left the hangar on the scooter, a Luftwaffe F-4 Phantom followed it on the taxiway, and took off over him! The taxi shots with the fighter behind the scooter were real, but the take off sequence was bad ’90s CGI 🙂 Unfortunately, I cannot find it on YouTube 🙁

  2. Joshua says:

    The really funny thing is Chuck clones must be piloting those aircraft. Follow Me cars are usually very obvious when they want you to follow them and zipping across the field is a clear “Don’t follow me, I’m getting someone more hopeless at following directions than you” statement. And the tower must either be asleep or too amused to say anything. I wonder which it is…

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