Union meeting in progress

Well, it appears Chuck has unionized. “A Union of One”. We will see how far he gets with his salary negotiations. My wife is in a firefighter union, and there is actually quite a bit of give and take when it comes to salary negotiations. They haven’t always gone up automatically just because of the union, but they did help to protect firefighter jobs when the city budget as tight during the last recession. Being part of a union has its benefits. Which, coincidentally, will make Hans resist this latest idea of Chuck’s since Hans isn’t much into benefits. Especially “giving” benefits, LOL.

Maybe being in a union will help Chuck from getting fired at least. We secretly want Chuck to stay employed as a pilot because we might not have as much material if he was working at Walmart instead. Well, to be more specific, we technically still would have a lot of material ESPECIALLY if Chuck was working at Walmart for all the obvious reasons. But it won’t be much aviation related anymore. 😉

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One comment on “Union meeting in progress
  1. sparkplug54 says:

    Ridiculous as it may sound, it is possible to have a labor unit of one. My Local has a contract with a print shop, that has one employee. Greg Sparks

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