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Oven mitts

As a professional cartoonist and hobby guitarist, I think I may be a bit of a softie when it comes to my hands. At least that’s my go to excuse when I fail at twisting, turning or grabbing something. I’m

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Chuck’s latest Survival Tool

“Think about the planet, man!” This seems to be Chuck’s latest tag line because we see it in a few strips lately. Well, at least he’s trying. Yet it once again looks like he is not quite as good at

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The fan isn’t working

Do you guys know that old helicopter joke: “What is that big thing on top? A fan. The moment the thing is turned off, the people inside start sweating.” I think once again, Chuck may have been taken things way

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I chose this strip for today, because I can totally relate to Chuck. Summer seems to finally have hit us here in full force, and the weather report says we’re experiencing the hottest days of this year right now. And

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