I chose this strip for today, because I can totally relate to Chuck. Summer seems to finally have hit us here in full force, and the weather report says we’re experiencing the hottest days of this year right now. And I am sitting here in my office right underneath the roof of my house, with no air condition. Well, at least I have a fan and a very liberal dress code here!

The dress code, or lack thereof, is one of the things I am really grateful for in my line of work! I couldn’t imagine wearing a suit and a tie at days like these. Or worse, I saw a motorbike cop yesterday in full black leather gear. I started to sweat more by just looking at him…

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8 comments on “Summertime
  1. Carlo C says:

    Now imagine yourself in the cockpit of a well known local airline (the green tie guys from the valley) and sitting inside the cockpit of a Dash, in the middle of Vienna Airport platform, with the sun coming down.. I love APUs, but sometimes they don’t seem to cool you down enough!!

  2. Fabo says:

    Carlo: the ones that were known by a certain bundesland before? They have it good. Guys a bit north in ATRs don’t even have APUs. And hotel mode is often not an option for one reason or another…

  3. A.C. says:

    I laughed… SO hard!!! This is my new favorite comic strip. I feel just like Chuck when I crawl out of the C-150 on those hot days!

  4. says:

    Well, it looks like he already has a swamp cooler in there.

    I use to work on a Beech B35 that had a swamp cooler, I never used it when I was flying in it, so I don’t know how much cooling you actually got out of them.

  5. haha! 🙂 I have a great air conditioning system in my Ford Mustang (aaargh…it’s a Fiesta actually!). I open all the windows it has and wear ear protectors on the highway. That’s the way to go, Chuck!

  6. mike says:

    Try flying a fire helicopter that’s been sitting all day in the sun waiting for a fire in a place called “Mesquite” or “Caliente”. No aircondition either to save weight.

    I guess this is how those ants must feel underneath the magnifying glass…..


  7. Boyd Allen says:

    I am a wannabe pilot and studying at home. I know the freedom you have at home. I enjoy that too.
    Now if you get to fly that way, that will be a plus!

  8. warbirdali says:

    For my first “long” x-country I learned the hard way that a Snickers bar on the cheap vinyl pax seat in the 100 degree Southern August sun will be a tube of liquid chocolate when you open it an hour later…and whenyou tear the wrapper open and it explodes all over your jeans it will look like…well, it will look like you got a bit nervous on that x-wind landing. That’s all I am saying….although it does gross the FBO folks when you are also licking it off your fingers…..

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