4 comments on “Rusty wrench 3
  1. fyrflier says:

    have you guys ever had a tool break?
    it can be quite fustrating . . . . and painful!
    had some pliers let go and busted my knuckles really good one time……

  2. Geoduck says:

    The thing is tools do wear out. I inherited a bunch of my dads tools. He was an aircraft mechanic for something like 50 years. It makes me happy to be using the same wrenches and screwdrivers he used to keep a roof over our heads while we were growing up. Along with the hand tools I also got his tire gauge. It’s one of those pencil type gauges. You press it into the stem and a little white rod comes out the bottom to indicate the pressure. I’d been using it for a while on the cars when I took one in for a pre road-trip service. My mechanic found all the tires were 10-15 lbs high. Oh well, at least the sockets don’t change calibration.

  3. RG2Cents says:

    Poor Julio. Sometimes you just have to feel sorry for a guy, even when in this case he might just deserve it…

  4. Echo5Papa says:

    @fyrflier Oh yeah, had my socket go limp on me (I heard they have medicine for that!) while removing the last bolt on an alternator late at night. Didn’t get hurt but that was so annoying.

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