Generous Chuck

I’m sure this one strikes close to home not only with mechanics, but with everybody who has a well-sorted toolbox and any kind of spouse, friend or roommate living under the same roof. More than once have I searched for a certain tool, and finally given up, thinking that I must have put it somewhere stupid (my basement is a mess, and if you put a tool in the wrong place, it blends in the chaos and disappears like the Predator). But sometimes, a certain person who shall remain nameless, sneaks off a tool, e.g. my combination pliers, to fix my wife’s broken earrings, and forgets to bring it back. It may or may not have been a situation like that, that inspired today’s comic strip!

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5 comments on “Generous Chuck
  1. mike says:

    I have a toolbox and my “room mate” has what we call a “tool bowl” it’s an old salad bowl with all kinds of tools in them. Very often, when I can’t find my tools, the seem to turn up in her “tool bowl” for some reason…..

  2. Matte says:

    Hehehe, I did this to a good mate at my old job. Dang did it hurt when he found out…but it was worth it!

  3. Bruce says:

    Try having a teen-age son! Actuelly, he’s now 43 but he still comes over to fix his cars and use/abuse/lose my tools. Sigh…

  4. Randy says:

    I am not a pilot (wanted to be but too broke when young) but raced stock cars for many years and this happened ALL the time to me too

  5. Claudio says:

    Man… tools and aviation. I work at an airline hangar and our aeronautical authority always wants to check the tool box from the mechanics. Sometimes we get into some inconvenient situations due to mechanics borrowing tools for another one… AKA as non-conformity. Better finding them at another mechanics tools than passengers finding them at their seats…

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