Corsair fuselage

It was about time for Chuck to find another piece for his Corsair. We weren’t sure how much of the plane we would let him buy and if he will ever finish it. We like to think he will someday, at least I would like to see the plane done. But having this big fuselage be in the way for the next couple of weeks will give us plenty of new material. It’s actually kind of hard to draw a full sized Corsair for Stef since it’s such a big airplane compared to a Cessna 172 or Hughes 500, so forgive us for a slight scaling error here and there.

Of course, in true Chuck fashion, he is jumping the gun slightly on how to paint it. But I do admire Chucks continuing enthusiasm about everything aviation and flying. Since I fly for a living it’s not every day I wake up as enthusiastic as Chuck (especially when it’s 4am) but I do have a lot of great days where I think to myself “Man, I can’t believe I get to fly this thing for a living!” It’s a great feeling.

And here is a question to you guys: Should Chuck paint his Corsair like Ike Kepfords machine or more like Pappy Boyingtons? Let’s hear some opinions!

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10 comments on “Corsair fuselage
  1. Gregory says:

    I would vote for letting him have it. He will run into the parts availability wall as soon as he does. and according to remembrances I have casually heard, these things were more hangar queens than anything else, needing high maintenance for their performances. One of things to recall from the made for TV series about Boyington’s black sheep, was that at least one of the Corsairs had to fly upside down for the landing gear to retract. in war time, you could get away with that. I don’t think an FAA inspector would let that slide. And then, of course, if Chuck wants to be really authentic, he will have to get a BATF firearms license to put the machine guns in the wings, IF the FAA would allow such a thing today. you might know more reasons why not than I do, as you are in the trade.

  2. Awesome says:

    I vote for the Black Sheep. Pappy was a great pilot. I met an old war vet that knew him. The guy I met worked on aircraft carriers as an aircraft mechanic. He said the one thing about Pappy that really stood out was how short he was.

  3. Blake says:

    Chucks a guy just like the rest of us. Who of us hasn’t had the final paint job in mind as we’ve brought a new model kit home from the hobby shop, or rolled in the driveway with that vintage car, motorcycle, boat, or airplane we saved from the scrap heap? It’s that final “Cool” paint-job in our mind that inspires us to rebuild, restore & create. If we only saw things as they are in their current condition & never saw them as finished & cool, we’d never tackle any project.
    As for paint, I’d say go with Ike’s bird, so as to not perpetuate the # 86 Pappy myth. You could do one of Pappy’s actual aircraft like #883, but while historically accurate, it’s not as recognizable as the historically inaccurate “Lulubelle”, or “Lucybelle” # 86.
    Also with Kepford’s you get the cool VF-17 Jolly Roger. Might be a good spot for a Panica Jane sticker to show up in a pinch.
    Also, I was thinking when chuck sees the price tag of an R-2800 he might just scour the airport for an old tug engine, Lycoming, or even a Briggs & Straton off the grounds-keeper’s lawn equipment. You could have a lot of fun with this one & it’s going to be enjoyable to watch it unfold!

  4. RG2Cents says:

    At first I thought Pappy Boyington’s, but that Jolly Roger on Ike’s is pretty cool.

  5. markm says:

    Gregory: Anything with an 18 cylinder high performance 2-cycle engine is going to be high maintenance.

  6. Charles says:

    Since my brother is married to his Granddaughter, I must go with Pappy Boyington.

  7. Jide says:

    Go with Pappy Boyington’s.

  8. Bruce says:

    I go with Pappy. May not be strictly authentic, but He was kind of a here and I loved the TV show.

  9. Gregory says:

    Chuck could not have gotten as far as he has by being an idiot. So far he has been seen at the controls of a fixed wing and a rotary wing aircraft. I’d like to see him have a Virtue. perhaps a particular maneuver or something.

  10. Kopets says:

    29 – TwoNine (“Tuna in”)
    86 – Eight Six (“Ate six”)

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