Hangar cleaning time

Mankind can be separated into two broad groups: Those who clean a little bit all the time and those who let the mess pile up and then clean in one fell swoop. I fall into the second category, my wife into the first. Fortunately we communicate quite well (or so I like to believe), so that we have talked out most of the instances where this can lead to tension.

Fortunately, my office is a separate room, or I guess we’d end up in marriage counseling. And also, there’s always the basement, where I can put stuff out of view to deal with it later. I think I’ve been doing that ever since we moved into our house.

Time to clean up and re-organize the basement. Maybe I’ll get around to it this year.

Which type are you?

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4 comments on “Hangar cleaning time
  1. Quill says:

    I am very much the “let it get disastrous and clean it up on rare occasion” type. If ever, actually. My mom is the polar opposite, and my messiness drives her crazy. Well, I know where all my stuff is … most of the time… My favorite story of incompatible approaches to this was when I was in middle school (almost 10 years ago now … holy crap). I’d left a book I needed for school in the middle of my bedroom floor. Mom got me up the next morning to get ready to go. Everything went fine except I couldn’t find that book. I knew exactly where it had been, but couldn’t find it. Was very frustrated. Finally left about 15 minutes late, no book. As we drove, Mom asked me what I’d been missing. “A book.” “Where had it been?” “Middle of the floor. I know exactly where I left it, and it wasn’t there!” “Oh, that. I put that away, on the shelf where it belongs.” Well gee thanks Mom!

  2. Fbs says:

    It’s not mess on my desk and office. It’s a very efficient and sophisticated management of space désigned to optimize access time to information (papers) and stuff. Like in High-performance computer processors, information often required is stored at hand in the L1 cache, meaning on the desk. Information and stuff less required but still, is stored at various edges of the desk and require only to extend the arm to get access to them. Consider it like a L2 cache. Ohly what isn’t required at all or hardly is stored in shelves since it requires to stand up, walk and search in the shelf – quite a time consuming task. So, when you enter an office with a clean and tidy desk, you know you deal with someone which can only be very inefficient…

  3. Speedsix says:

    “If a man says he will do something he will do it!
    It just doesn´t have to be this very year….”
    No, seriously: I got 2 cats who throw everything down my tables that hinders them from sitting there, so I have to keep my stuff orderly if I want to avoid unpleasant results.

  4. jan olieslagers says:

    Myself in category 2B: I do let the mess pile grow and grow, then clean up just the tiniest bit to keep things liveable.

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