Perfect time to order a pizza

Now that’s some forward thinking and planning skills demonstrated by Chuck! And don’t you just love it, when you do something like that, time and juggle a few tasks and it all works out smoothly? It usually doesn’t go according to plan about 80% of the time, in my and also in Chuck’s experience. But it’s still always good to have a plan.

On a side note: I love how Chuck always condescendingly tells Julio how much he still has to learn about aviation.

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5 comments on “Perfect time to order a pizza
  1. Bill W. says:

    Haha! 100% agree with your side note!

  2. jan olieslagers says:

    Not for his first time, Chuck is seeing things exactly the wrong way around. While it is a good survival mindset to first think of one’s own food, a good mindset for a commercial aviator is to think of added value to others. He might do well to consider this paragraph about Nome Airport: Located in town, just east of the airport, is a pizza restaurant named Airport Pizza. The pizza parlor is famous for its use of Bering Air flights to deliver pizza for free to far-flung Alaskan villages.

    And yes, it ought to be Hans who brings in this bit, but I’m afraid he’s no nearer than Chuck – and also not the first time.

  3. KenH says:

    Be great if he diverted all that wasted brainpower into something, like, NOT ALMOST KILLING PEOPLE on a daily basis….

  4. Johsua says:

    I suspect Hans and Sally will be very pleased with this turn of events.

    But really Chuck is doing it all wrong. He is supposed to delegate tasks so he can focus on flying. Julio should have ordered the pizza.

  5. Obviousman says:

    Not unlike the resident of Palm Island, near Townsville in Queensland, Australia. When dole / pension day rolled around, they had a standing charter with a Townsville-based charter company. A (Cessna 402, IIRC) would fly out to Palm Island, about 35nm away. The charter would land, pick up a resident, and fly them back to Townsville where a taxi was waiting. The taxi would take the resident from the airport to the local KFC, where they would load up with about six buckets of KFC. Back to the airport to the waiting aircraft,and back to Palm Island.

    Seriously – the world’s most expensive KFC.

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