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Chicken Wings Classic – Fly as if …

I don’t own a plane, but I do own a house. Well, technically, I own [(the house – the open mortgage) / 2], but although the difference to how I treated my rented apartments to how I treat my house

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Chuck’s allergies are acting up

I feel with Chuck. Although in my case, I’m mostly allergic to dogs, cats and dust mites and a bit allergic to a few plants. Since there are no dogs or cats in my personal environment, and my other allergies

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Paying for quality

One of the keys to being able to survive as a cartoonist is a frugal lifestyle. So, I can understand Chuck’s impulse to save a buck here and there. They all add up, in the end. But in my opinion,

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The Money Pit

You guys know which movie Chuck is talking about, right?! Or are we really dating ourselves here? We grew up with all the 80’s movies and so, by default, so did Chuck even though he’s not quite as old as

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