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Great quotes

I like how Hans continuously tries to come up with clever ways to keep his employees motivated. I guess if you are cheap, you need to try to be clever. I am not all that sure he is succeeding this

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Chicken Wings Classic – Fly as if …

I don’t own a plane, but I do own a house. Well, technically, I own [(the house – the open mortgage) / 2], but although the difference to how I treated my rented apartments to how I treat my house

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Chuck’s allergies are acting up

I feel with Chuck. Although in my case, I’m mostly allergic to dogs, cats and dust mites and a bit allergic to a few plants. Since there are no dogs or cats in my personal environment, and my other allergies

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Paying for quality

One of the keys to being able to survive as a cartoonist is a frugal lifestyle. So, I can understand Chuck’s impulse to save a buck here and there. They all add up, in the end. But in my opinion,

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