Bidding on eBay

This is one of those strips that happened almost exactly like that in the real world, in one of Mike’s former companies. No names shall be named! Except Mike, who wasn’t the one doing the bidding though, if I remember correctly.

Thank you everybody who wished me well regarding my little Corona episode. The whole family caught it, but we all got off quite lightly. Everyone had cold symptoms and fever, but now we’re all fine again. I just hope there won’t be any long term effects. So far all my symptoms were those of a “normal” cold. Of those, I think I got every single one. But so far I haven’t had any shortness of breath or fatigue problems (knock on wood). Anyway … I’m really looking forward to a more relaxed spring and summer time now! Not very optimistic about the fall, with no herd immunity emerging, but we’ll see when we get there …


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2 comments on “Bidding on eBay
  1. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    s/break assembly/brake assembly/ ? Or is poor spelling another characteristic of Chuck’s?

  2. Robert Horton says:

    I just watched the engine-starting scene from the original “Flight of the Phoenix”, on YouTube. I have to wonder if Chuck has ever seen the movie…
    In WWII the USN had a cartoon pilot named “Dilbert Groundloop” who was much like Chuck- some of his cartoons are on the Net!

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