The scars of an aviator

The scars of an aviator

Well … crap. The ‘rona finally got me. Or I got it. Let’s say, we got each other. Son A got it too. Son B and wife are negative so far, but we all know how it goes. I have a whole range of symptoms, but so far it’s not too bad. But then I’m only on day 1 since the first diagnosis. Anyway, I’ll try and stay positive! No, wait …

Anyway, about today’s strip: As a cartoon artist, my life isn’t quite as rugged and hazardous as the one of an aviator. Ailments consist of deteriorating eyes and pain in the shoulder or elbow. But I once got myself a paper cut in my office … in the eye! Yikes! I bent down to pick something up underneath a table, and when I got up again, I cut myself right on my eye lens on the corner of a sheet of paper that hung over the edge of the table. After the first panic and a quick visit to the optometrist, it turned out not to be as bad as it sounded. Fortunately, the cut wasn’t very deep and it healed within a few days.

Obviously, this particular scenario could never happen to Chuck, because he is always wearing his sunglasses for protection!


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4 comments on “The scars of an aviator
  1. Karl Winters says:

    Is there an FAA form ID10T?

  2. J Segal says:

    But…but…NOBODY uses the paper forms anymore! Everyone uses the online version of IACRA! How did he get a paper cut on a keyboard???

    [I know, they’re still accepted. But the last time I saw a paper version being used, student pilot certificates and third-class medicals were on the same sheet of paper.]

    As for ID-10-Tango forms, I don’t have any spares, but I do have about 100 ft of flight line, so it won’t be an issue binding those up if you do find them. I used my last copies to order some fowler flaps from Roost-Air…because, you know, any self-respecting chicken wouldn’t be caught dead without fowler flaps…I’ll show myself out.

  3. Quill says:

    Looked up form 8710-1, it’s an application for a rating. I was expecting it to be something for when a pilot screws up, as Chuck does a lot, and he was actually seeking sympathy for having to do the form. But it seems this is actually something good.

    As for the Form 1D10-T, as a future teacher I’m debating what I’ll have that be in my class. Maybe a late homework excuse form? Or a form students have to fill out to get their confiscated phones back?

  4. Bummer news re getting personal with La Rona. All the best for a mild engagement and fast recovery 🙂

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