Chuck’s hangar BBQ

I have to admit, I’m somewhat of a heathen regarding barbecue. I just light up some coal and put meat or sausages on the grill. Although I do enjoy that very manly task enormously, I have not yet felt the desire to delve more into the deep and rich art and culture of it all. But I also only own the cheapest type of grill you can get at the hardware store. Maybe, if I one day own a better one, I’d be more inspired.

I’ll make sure not to operate it next to a state-of-the-art fire suppression system though, haha!


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6 comments on “Chuck’s hangar BBQ
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    a Grill for an Employee Appreciation BBQ, too close to the terminal caused the deluge to go off at MSY, now many years ago.

  2. Robert Horton says:

    This might be a good place to ask… is a frame from my favorite movie, “Secrets of the Incas”, shot in Peru and released 1954. The plane is a Piper Super Cub. The number on the side is 0B-ABH or OB-ABH. The rudder # is 287. Is there any way to track down the history of the plane- I hope it’s still flying!- or the font used? I have the model; there must be a way to get decals or transfers made! Thanks!

  3. Rwill says:

    This site has pretty much everything like that:

  4. Robert Horton says:

    Thanks! That site will show the plane after my link dies! Still hope to trace the plane and font, though.
    About died laughing tonight- on The Orville, a guy was dressed like Chuck!

  5. Tom Veatch says:

    OB is the code for Peruvian registration. A query to the Peruvian version of the FAA concerning the history of OB-ABH might bear fruit.

  6. Robert Horton says:

    And when I saw The Orville guy, of COURSE I said, “Chuck, is that you?”!

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