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Built in 1982

Apologies for the slightly delayed upload! I was totally immersed in a project this afternoon and apparently forgot that it was Tuesday today. Anyway, here you go. While I was drawing todays strip, I had a flashback to my childhood.

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Mind reading

Lack of empathy is one of my biggest pet peeves. And assuming the other party knows what’s going on in your head when you talk to them is one of the most common manifestations. I have clients who call me

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Hangar cleaning time

Mankind can be separated into two broad groups: Those who clean a little bit all the time and those who let the mess pile up and then clean in one fell swoop. I fall into the second category, my wife

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FAA safety posters

Safety Posters at your local airport, hangar, maintenance shop, and/or FBO! What are your thoughts? Do they work? Do we need more? Do we have too many? We have attempted making them funny before and received some good responses on

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