Safety cone saver pack

Some airports we land at go all out when it comes to the safety cones. They must have pretty good cone salespeople there. I don’t mind them usually because they come in pretty handy around the big helicopter. You would actually be surprised to see how many people drive right underneath the rotor disc. Even when it is spinning! It’s crazy. So, we like to have one underneath each blade tip if we can, at least under the forward rotor when we are parked at the ramp. I have even seen people drive “inside” the cone between the cone and the aircraft. Usually, we track those down and chat with them though.

When we get ready for takeoff again, we really have to make sure they’re all collected and secured back with the FBO before we start taxiing. The thrust for taxiing alone with a Chinook is enough to distribute these cones evenly over the entire airport. If they’re forgotten when we take off directly from our parking spot, they might disappear never to be seen again, LOL.

I wonder how Julio will get his tool boxes back …


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2 comments on “Safety cone saver pack
  1. Wade Moeller says:

    I feel confident that Julio will remind Chuck that a safety cone looks very much like a dunce cap.

    As will the firemen that come by to physically remove the cone from Chuck.

  2. When inflating the balloons we use safety cones/poles with red/white tape between them to “fence off” the inflation fan as even 5HP can drag long hair, scarves and other items into the propeller. Despite the noise of the fan and the safety barrier, you can still get people trying to stand directly behind it to get a photo of the inflation process 🙂

    PS: Every time I see a safety cone, I remember Kraftwerk’s first album which featured an orange & white safety cone 🙂

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