Oil change

Fun fact: I have never changed the oil of my car! I have, however, had it done in the garage by trained professionals. It’s not that I wouldn’t like to do it though, unfortunately I don’t have the space to do any real tinkering on my car. I do have a carport, but it’s away from my house, and I also don’t have a pit or a car lift. So changing tires, fuses or light bulbs is as far as I go in the do-it-yourself department.

I’d need a Chuck in my life! But I guess I’d better be careful what I wish for …


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7 comments on “Oil change
  1. iv says:

    Good thing that’s not an O-540, then!

    Or did Chuck misplace a pair of cylinders? 🙂

  2. Fbs says:

    And I can also confirm the bucket for the Cessna 150 is also not enough for the Cessna 172 🙂

    This said, a good investment is an oil Quick drain, so you can stop the mess if you Forgot about this rule (and save time every 50h..)

    This makes me think about hard core feminists : who usually takes advantage of who here ?…

  3. Fbs says:

    And next issue is the removal of the oil filter an insane engineer designed to be horizontal and with very limited access so you can be sure to spill half of its content on the engine and nose gear..

  4. Giuseppe says:

    I agree, Fbs! And I wonder why this rule must apply to cars and motorbikes too!

  5. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    Well, y’all can be jealous of my little Rotax 80HP. Which has the oil filter horizontally mounted, too, but with easy access, and plenty of room below for a drain basin.

    For the fun of the story: the oil I yearly drain from that Rotax always looks like almost virgin, I use it on my Ducato van either for topping off or at the next change; and the drains from the Ducato go into the Briggs grass mower… How ecologist can one go?

  6. Scott says:

    Karel A.J. ADAMS,
    At some point, you need to install a properly designed waste-oil heating system in your greenhouse…

  7. Specter177 says:

    I have changed the oil in a plane infinately more often than I have a car.

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