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Days like these

I guess we’ve all had days like poor Julio here. Some days it would be better to just stay in bed. The problem is that one can identify those days only in hindsight. The logical conclusion would be to just

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Opinion leaders

I wonder if mankind will ever grow out of its tribal nature. I would be willing to bet that it won’t happen in the foreseeable future. And a tribe doesn’t work when everybody’s a leader, so it only makes evolutionary

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Chuck got lasered

Merry Christmas everybody! Or shall I say Happy Holidays? I personally have never met anybody who was offended by either. It’s one of those subjects that I only ever read about and can never quite fathom if it really is

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Fight or flight response

This is another of my personal favorite strips. When I was the chief pilot I couldn’t help but cringe every time the FAA inspector called. It wasn’t usually for the reasons they call Chuck and the guy was really nice,

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