Leaf it to Chuck

This one may seem like Roost-Air shenanigans, but I have used the helicopter many times to blow things away from where they are not supposed to be. We did clear a road of leaves once for a friend. It was a service road and lucky for us, nobody came over to blow them back in our case.

I also worked a lot of “Frost Control” in my younger years, blowing the slightly warmer layer of air above the frost layer down on the citrus trees to keep them from freezing. In Washington State, they use helicopters to “dry cherries” after it rains so the fruit doesn’t soak up the moisture and crack it open.

And a few years back in Austria, we had so much snow that the snow load was breaking big branches off the trees blocking roads and freeways. They used helicopters to blow the snow out of the tops of the trees.
The list is long …

Of course, at my current job we blow over more things than we like to, especially when we get managed by fires who don’t quite understand yet how much wind a Chinook really makes.
We even started to “keep track” of our kills, LOL. (See below).

Chinook "Kill List"

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2 comments on “Leaf it to Chuck
  1. James Rowland says:

    Nice! Do you get a double kill shot of someone is in the toilet?

  2. Colin says:

    Is the plastic folding chair an OEM feature?

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