Attracting attention

Boy, do I feel for both Chuck and Julio in this strip. I sure wish I had a cone like that to get through to my children sometimes. It’s amazing how they’re able to just tune out their parents! Talking to other parents, and thinking back, this seems to be a universal problem. I vaguely remember coming out of a thoughtful or distracted state as a child and seeing my mother, who’s shouting at me, apparently for some time already, trying to get my attention. Knowing both sides of this situation, I try to be as lenient as possible, although I’m not always as patient as I would want to be.

I also feel for Julio for being shocked and yelled at. Curiously, that also has to do with being a parent. I can’t even remember the last time somebody other than my kids has yelled at me, or snuck up on me with the intent of giving me a heart attack. Ah! The joys of fatherhood …


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2 comments on “Attracting attention
  1. The only way you can truly pay back your parents for all they went through raising you is to have kids of your own. I still remember chatting to my mother on the phone & telling her what my son had done to me then having to listen to her laugh for what felt like a minute and, finally, gasp out “30 years ago to the day you did that to me! How does it feel now?” 🙂

  2. ThisGuy says:

    Putting air in a tire falls under Pilot/Owner maintenance, seems Julio thinks there’s a reason for that 😉

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