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Chuck practicing his balance

When it came to things like juggling or balancing something on your hand, my brother was always better than me. Maybe that’s why he became a helicopter pilot and I a cartoonist. Rarely do I ever have to balance a

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The fan isn’t working

Do you guys know that old helicopter joke: “What is that big thing on top? A fan. The moment the thing is turned off, the people inside start sweating.” I think once again, Chuck may have been taken things way

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How was the flight?

When passengers suddenly get quiet, it is almost never a good sign. In this case Chuck lucked out but in general my experience has shown it means that they are getting sick. I have been flying for way over half

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Why the jacket?

The story continues almost how it happened in real life. These hot shot movie producers came from New York and had never been in a helicopter over LA at night. They showed up with Hawaiian shirts because that is what

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