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Business card piles

Who knew Chuck was trying to get as many girls’ phone numbers as possible? Well, I guess we all did, probably. Looking at that stack I am thinking there will be more material about Chuck dating in the near future.

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After the trade show

So I have to publicly admit here that I am just like Chuck when it comes to business cards. Every year I went to the HAI Helicopter Convention I ended up with a huge stash of business cards. And every

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Chuck the collector at HAI

I’ve never been to HAI, but I have walked around my fair share of trade shows and conventions. I wish I was as resourceful as Chuck! I usually contend myself with a backpack. The ideal case is having a base,

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Like a big family

I think my brother would be in a better position to write about the helicopter industry, and how much it really is like a big family, in which everyone seems to know everyone else. But he is kinda hard to

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