After the trade show

So I have to publicly admit here that I am just like Chuck when it comes to business cards. Every year I went to the HAI Helicopter Convention I ended up with a huge stash of business cards. And every year I had the best intentions to categorize them in a certain order for future reference. Yet every year they ended up in a big pile since I never had Sally to help me out. At least that is what I tell myself. It’s only the lack of a Sally-type help. I can still mostly find what I need in that pile but we are far from categorized or alphabetized. Unfortunately I did the same at Oshkosh and ComiCon. Maybe we even missed out on that once-in-a-lifetime Chicken Wings movie deal because my business cards weren’t organized correctly?

Also, are any of you in here still using a Rolodex? Of course Hans wouldn’t go splurge on a fancy online system just yet. My own business card collection has actually become more of a sentimental thing rather than an actual tool for keeping in touch. Almost everything is online these days …

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One comment on “After the trade show
  1. Delta Echo says:

    When the BEAK 9000 revolution rises, Chuck will be the chicken who can still keep in touch with everyone.

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