A matter of perspective

This joke originated during my initial airline training. I can’t remember what exactly was said and who this was said to, but it was more down the line of “don’t look at it as failing, but as an opportunity to learn from the experience… etc.” Of course, that doesn’t sound like Julio exactly, so we had to Roost-Air-it-up a little, lol.

Some of you may have noticed, I was pretty quiet the last couple of weeks. The reason for this was actually because I was actively working on not being this exact conversation we see here in this comic. I had 5 testing events, all of them which needed approval to even be allowed to test, one Flight Deck Observation by the FAA, and two big final checkride flights, all in the interest of more airline schooling. It took up all day, every day with almost no breaks. But I made it through all of it with no hiccups, or having Julio tell me what he is telling Chuck here, so I should have more time for Chicken Wings again in the days coming up. Although I am planning on not thinking about airplanes for a few days first …


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2 comments on “A matter of perspective
  1. ThisGuy says:

    Congrats on passing all the checkrides and tests Mike. No matter how often you do them, whether it’s for single engine PPL or some advanced crew licensing it’s always nerve inducing. I’m just glad mine (gliders only) never cover multiple days 😉

  2. Nice one! Very happy to hear you made it through the battery of test situations 🙂
    I did my “Return to Currency” check flight a few months back so I’m once again a current hot air balloon pilot. Given I hadn’t flown since October 2019 (thanks to COVID, workload, weather, and access to a balloon + instructor + crew + retrieve vehicle 🙂 ) it was rather wonderful to be back flying again.

    PS: No aerobatics or overly rapid ascents due to heavy pax exiting the basket 🙂 🙂

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