New animation: Aviator Sunglasses

Our latest animated short is now out on YouTube! Please, watch, like, share and comment. We want to see what you guys think.

We have a feeling that we are starting to get the hang of it and are striving to put out more and more content. All your comments and continued support is highly appreciated. Show this to all of your friends, especially if your friends are movie producers!

These videos are made possible by the generous support of our lovely Patrons. If you want us to produce more and faster, please consider to join their ranks on our Patreon Page. Thank you!

One comment on “New animation: Aviator Sunglasses
  1. Ray L Rivera says:

    Awesome. Now you gotta do a follow up or sequel to ‘Aviator Sunglasses…’

    “…Aviator Watches!”

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