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As a wing walker, I imagine you must have to breathe exclusively through your nose, or at least have to keep your teeth shut at all times. I can only imagine the amount of insects that bounce into you during

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Coffee all over the cockpit

For all our readers who are not aviation buffs, Chuck was probably trying to recreate this famous flight maneuver done by Bob Hoover. I think it is hard enough to do with ice tea, but it sure figures that Chuck

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Let’s fly!

Oh, which pilot hasn’t been there at least once in their flying career? I have certainly learned my lessons and there is a good video online about the girl in the back seat puking as the two guys up front

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Bear with me

Wouldn’t that be cool if the “Tumbling Bear” would really fly with a bear suit on? The kids watching him would dig it, HA HA 😉 But imagine how hot it would get in that cockpit with all that glass….sheesh.

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