Discovery flight

I think Chuck might be expecting a bit too much out of his new potential students. And I wonder if Chuck can even fly an Immelmann maneuver himself. Although it would make sense for him to be able to do those kinds of maneuver just fine yet fail at decent landings or remembering any regulations.

This comic reminds me of my initial operating experience flights with the airlines in a weird way. We didn’t do an Immelmann with the jet, don’t worry. But my line-check airman was very new at the job and overly eager to teach me everything he knew. It came from a good place but I was totally overloaded still trying to do simple routine things for the first time in a jet on a real flight. He was trying to cram everything he had learned over the last couple of years into my first 4 days of IOE. I had no brain space for all the fancy tricks he was trying to teach me and by the time this trip was over, I couldn’t even tell you which airports I had been to, let alone remember anything he had told me.

I guess that’s why you learn how to fly straight and level first before you get working on your Immelmann…


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