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Not so tough skydivers

Not so tough skydivers comic

Not so tough skydivers comic

Skydiving is one of those things that should be exciting, even if you’re being perfectly mindful and safe. But there are some things that, if they are exciting, you’re doing them wrong. Like investing, for example. If it gets really

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Skydivers’ choice

Ah! Skydiving! It was high on my list of potential hobbies, until I actually tried it. A few years ago, one of our dear readers invited me to a tandem jump (hi Charlie!). That’s one of the perks of drawing

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Surprise birthday present

It’s a funny observation that I made, but to me it seems that there are an awful lot of pilots out there that are afraid of heights and/or would never dream of skydiving. Now I’m not sure if Sally and

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Skydiving seems to attract a certain type of people. But it’s big on my “things to do before I die” list, even though I’d only be tandem-skydiving. I seem to be putting it off though. One of my excuses is

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