A reclusive brown widow

I always like it if we can fit in a few jokes in addition to the punch line. We were both laughing at Chucks line “It’s just that my motto is ‘safety first’!” HAHA – I hope you guys enjoyed that one as much as we did.

I also like “the reclusive brown widow”. I often like to mess with people who are all into something for example a sport. I would ask how many innings are left in the middle of a football game or when the second period will start during a baseball game. It’s amazing how fast people point out how wrong you are, even get upset about the lack of knowledge, and not quite see my mission right away. So, I guess what I am getting at in a long roundabout way is this, we know there isn’t such a spider but we like how Chuck mixed them up. …Or is there? (eek!)

And on another, even brighter note: BOTH of our online shops will run a “pre-order” program for our new book “Chicken Wings 5 – Turning Crosswind” in order for us to get a headstart on the shipping and for you to get the book right after the weekend. Also, it’s an experiment to see how many people actually read my blogs all the way to the end. 😉

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2 comments on “A reclusive brown widow
  1. Keps says:

    I always read your blog all the way to the end

  2. Delta-v says:

    Brown Recluse bites are no fun–and I have the scars to prove it. ><

    (And they're also bigger than that little bit of fluff.) 🙂


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