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Flying is safer than driving

Well, to be perfectly fair, if Julio starts to distinguish between different types of flying, we could also start to differentiate between different types of driving. Driving a regular car on a Nevada highway is probably orders of magnitudes safer

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Olfactory assault

I think I learned the word “olfactory” from the novel “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind. I can really recommend that book! And for those of you who prefer movies, there’s even a really good movie adaption. It was really big here

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Holes in the theory

Well, here we continue with the Swiss Cheese Model. I’ve hit upload before I started writing this little blog entry to go along with it, so I better be quick now. Uhm. What else can I write about this subject?

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Swiss Cheese model

For those who have the image of a pretty blonde dairymaid bob up in their minds, who is posing with a big wheel of cheese next to a cow, in front of a beautiful backdrop of the Swiss alps, when

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