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Expired fire extinguisher

Well, it seems like Hans found yet another way of trying to save money. I am pretty sure Julio will keep him in line though. I have fought many battles over the years where the owners tried to save money

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Show me your safety manual

Here is some interesting trivia that I stumbled across recently, that is only slightly related to todays comic strip. You know, whenever somebody wants to make English sound old in a cartoon or movie, they use “Y” instead of “th”,

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Screws in a box

Personally, all I have to deal with is the paperwork for my car and house. Oh, and taxtes etc. But whenever I drop by at Mike’s office, I can see the tons and tons of folders and manuals that come

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Better and safer

As a good mechanic, Julio displays some real paractical thinking here. Sometimes the solution can be so easy! I’ve picked this strip last minute, but actually Mike should be writing this blog here. I’m sure he could tell you a

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