Extensive shopping list

One of the many side effects of the whole covid situation are changed shopping habits. Like shopping online, having to wear a mask etc., buying toilet paper supplies for ten years in advance and finally, condensing grocery shopping into one big weekly run. At least that’s how we in our family do it. A few people might go grocery shopping even more often than before, because it’s one of the few occasions for them to leave the house. But in our case, we also have very extensive shopping lists, and quite a few items are of the sugary sort (like Hans’ requests) to keep our finely tuned machine here humming as well as Roost Air!

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4 comments on “Extensive shopping list
  1. Bruce says:

    “Break” discs? Must be auto-spell again.

  2. stef says:

    (shakes angry fist at brother) Why do I send those things to the American for proof reading!?

    Thanks for pointing out that error, Bruce! Although Roost Air actually *might* use break discs … 😉

  3. Mako says:

    I used to work for a little flight school SO much like Roost Air… and every once in a while the Boss rolled in with something like a giant tub of Twizzlers or enough pizza to feed the whole airport, and the morale boost for customers and staff (and loosely affiliated interlopers) alike was always astounding. You’ve brought back good memories today 🙂

  4. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    Why do I send those things to the American for proof reading!?
    ‘t Would be an exceptional US’an to make a good proofreader 😉

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