Wait before you pick up the phone

The funny thing is, this problem solving strategy quite often actually works in real life! Sometimes all you need for a problem to go away is to stop worrying about it. The trick is to know when to use this tactic and when not to. When dealing with the IRS, I would assume that success would be short lived! If you have information to the contrary though, please be sure to let us all know!

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One comment on “Wait before you pick up the phone
  1. JKelley says:

    I hate phones.

    No, really, I HATE phones.

    Alexander Graham Bell is probably turning over in his grave since the advent of telemarketers and political war dialers (makes me want to dig up notes on the Demon Dialer and see if I can’t clog up their lines in return…)

    Every phone in my house is able to be silenced – or it’s not bought.

    To me, the two greatest inventions in telephony have been:
    – Digital answering machine (I got tired of screwing around with one-tapers…)
    – Caller ID.

    And don’t even get me started on cellphones…

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