Man, I love snow!

Well, I hope none of you are personally inconvenienced by the weather, like Chuck. Here in Europe there’s chaos on pretty much all the major airports. My heart goes out to all those poor souls who are stranded in London, Paris, Frankfurt or anywhere else! I was stranded for a week too this year, but that was in Bangkok, with cheap hotels and food and 35 centigrade. Which is like vacation, compared to being stuck on a cold airport where you just wanted to transfer (I read somewhere that in London they turned off the lights and heating overnight on some waiting passangers, is that true?)

And today I read that they’ve also got a huge backlog of hundreds of tons of mail in Frankfurt, so that they now issued an emargo and won’t accept any new mail deliveries. I hope that none of our online shop orders are affected by this! But I don’t think shipments within Europe go via airmail anyway.

Well, at least we’re looking forward to white Christmas!

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2 comments on “Man, I love snow!
  1. Frank N. O. says:

    LOL, another classic that shows the truth in life. About the airport-kaos then the only reason airplanes can’t take off from scandinavian airports is that the destination airports are closed in mainland Europe and Great Britain are closed.

  2. meganite says:

    Haha, yeah it’s beautiful until you think of flying in it 😉 Or driving, for that matter… Doesn’t look like we’ll get a white Christmas in Houston, it was 75 degrees today!

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