Paint gun pressure

I think this strip is based on an idea by my brother. I never use paint guns, so I can’t speak on the subject. But I going out on a limb here and assume that, as so often, the idea had some basis in a real world event or experience. Mike is a veritable artist when it comes to painting RC car bodies, so I doubt that the events unfolded exactly as they did for Chuck. But if they did, they probably were on a smaller scale, since RC cars are a bit smaller than an F4U Corsair.


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3 comments on “Paint gun pressure
  1. RG2Cents says:

    That’s gonna need another coat…

  2. Bill newton says:

    Exactly what I did….forgot all rules of commonsense and NEARLY tripled the pressure….and Bang the seal oh the gun to canister blew and the canister sepArated and yes not fully covered in paint but close…why oh why did I not think a bit about it..HAHAHAHA

  3. Mo Davies says:

    I have used High Volume Low Pressure guns most of my time spent painting, for both aircraft amateur build and general use, such as my 1950 vintage 25cc Cyclemaster powered pushbikes. One only needs 3 to 4 psi and the finish is much better than with standard guns. I must admit that I use three compressors in parallel, using just one means the air runs out too quickly, whilst multiple units do a “load share”, with only one supplying at a time, and the others catching up. Always tried minimum
    Mo. pressures, even with a standatd gun, as this seems to do a better job.

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