Why are you so cheery?

Have you ever been in a situation where your boss thinks you’re having maybe a little too much fun at work? There might be a fine line between enjoying your job, and messing around all day not getting done what you’re supposed to do.

In my career thus far, and working with many crews of all kinds of sizes and age groups, I have learned to be really careful with practical jokes when it comes to messing around. It always starts out fairly harmless but quickly gets out of control and sometimes downright dangerous. It is hard for me because I love practical jokes and appreciate good ones even if I am at the receiving end of one. Yet not everyone knows where that line is you don’t cross, and in aviation we are also concerned about safety, so I have dialed them way back.

In real life, my boss would already be mad if I said to him what Julio says to Hans in the first panel. He hates it when I call him “boss”. So, then I switch it to “chief” and things just go downhill from there … LOL

Or could this entire comic just be a lesson about making sure you pick a job you really enjoy since you spend so much time at work?


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